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Mindfulness for Schools

We can offer a variety of courses for schools - either for children or parents alone, or working with children and their parents together, including the Pawsb and .b Mindfulness in Schools Programmes for primary/pre-prep and secondary aged children and young people.


We are also able to offer Mindfulness for teachers and school staff (see Mindfulness for Organisations) either in conjunction with our child/parents courses or separately. 

All our courses are taught by skilled Mindfulness Teachers who have particular expertise and experience in working with children, parents and schools. There is an increasing body of evidence that the practice of mindfulness can benefit children in multiple ways, including improving well-being and attention. 

Below, you can find more details on our 'Hearts and Minds Club' which we run in schools for children, parents and carers. We can adapt our courses to meet your particular needs, so if you have ideas for how we can help your school please do get in touch!

“Very eye opening to see so many others experiencing the same challenges as me. Very supportive”

Previous Participant

Our Teachers


Dr Maret


Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher

I am passionate about how we support parents in our society and give them the skills we all need to navigate parenthood and enrich and strengthen our families and relationships from early childhood into old age. I worked for the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) for 7 years, first leading a project investigating the acceptability and usefulness of mindfulness for childbirth & parenting.


Dr Nicky Crockett Clinical Child Psychologist 

I am passionate about promoting emotional wellbeing in children and young people and their parents. I use a collaborative child-led approach in my work, drawing upon the talents and abilities within children to grow emotional resilience and facilitate positive change together. I also currently work within a Paediatric Neuro-rehabilitation service at the University Hospital Southampton (NHS).  

Course Details 

A skills-based psycho-educational course for children and parents providing an introduction to mindfulness meditation and managing thoughts and feelings for children and parents.


  • You will learn more about:

    • How the emotional brain-body connection works and how this can help us to reach our children

    • How experience and relationships shape our minds

    • How thoughts, feelings and behavior are connected

    • How we can get stuck in unhelpful thinking patterns and how to practice getting unstuck from them

    • Child emotional and psychological development


  • Your children will learn:

    • How their minds work

    • How to notice feelings in their bodies

    • How to work with difficult thoughts like ‘others are better than me’ or I’m not good enough rather than buying into them

    • How to begin to manage big feelings like sadness, disappointment, fear and anger

    • Exercises to grow calm confidence and to steady attention

    • How to foster a friendly and kind relationship with themselves and with others

What's Included? 

This course has 10 hours of time with our Mindfulness Teachers / Psychologists consisting of:

  • Six x 1 hour or 10 x 30 minute sessions for children

  • Plus 2 x 2 hour evening sessions for parents

The sessions consist of a fun-filled  mixture of story telling, psycho-education and mindfulness meditation practice and discussion.

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