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Mindfulness Practice Group


Our mindfulness practice group is open to anyone who has completed an eight week MBSR, MBCT, MBCP course, or equivalent. 

We come together to support each other in our deepening practice and understanding of Mindfulness. 

We meet online and in person on various dates from 6pm to 7.30pm and explore different themes/ideas each time we meet.

We welcome all those who are seeking a friendly community of like minded beings to practice mindfulness together.


The intention of both our face to face and online meetings is to build a community of people who can connect with and support each other to bring mindfulness more into daily life.

We also have mindfulness practice days where we have the opportunity to let go of all the doing for a few hours and immerse ourselves in being.

"Being in a group so friendly and welcoming has been greatly beneficial... I feel as if I can find a way out of the woods in future!"
Quotes from Participant

Key Facts

Time: 6pm - 7.30 pm 

Dates: Please see calendar page for forthcoming dates

Location: Online via zoom  or in person in the New Forest, Hampshire/Highcliffe, Dorset

Group Size: 6-12 participants

Teacher:  Dr Maret Dymond-Basset

Fees: £10 voluntary contribution

What's Included?

90 minutes of practice and exploration of a pre-determined theme or themes arising through practice.

Group discussions, enquiry, mutual support and silent practice.


Facilitated by Dr Maret Dymond-Basset. 

Group Details 

Our mindfulness practice group is a community of individuals who practice mindful living exploring different topics each week. Many people who have completed our or other eight week mindfulness course find this group a helpful way of keeping up and deepening their practice.


We welcome those who have taken an 8-week mindfulness course anywhere who would like to connect and practice with like-minded others.


We hope to foster a sense of welcome and community in our practice groups, providing an opportunity to come and practice mindfulness together for those living in the New Forest and surrounding areas and online for those who would like to join us from further afield. 

Topics covered include:

  • Mindfulness of the Body

  • Appreciating the Life You Have

  • Gathering the Scattered Mind 

  • Befriending 

  • Recognising how we React to Stress and Difficulty

  • Disentangling Thoughts and Feelings

  • Rediscovering Compassion

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