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Integrative Leadership

Connecting the Intra-Personal with the Inter-Personal for Power & Potential

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” 


Welcome to our Integrative Leadership Development Programme! 

Our training draws upon the latest in psychological, neurological and leadership science to deliver a unique programme capable of evolving leaders working with and within complex systems, so that they can:

  • navigate complex systems with greater compassion, skill and wisdom

  • excel in fostering connections and nurturing collaborations

  • tune into the wisdom of the body, as well as developing the capacities of the mind 

  • move from reacting to challenges, change and uncertainty to responding skilfully to these

  • develop and transform the individuals and systems around them

  • harness energy within their teams and organisations to maximum effectiveness

The course uniquely enables leaders to grow these capabilities by developing their skills in self awareness and self-management, alongside knowledge of the latest scientific developments from around the world regarding effective individuals, teams and organisations.

Experiential learning during every session means that participants have the opportunity to firmly embed new ideas and skills and the strong emphasis on operationalisation means that all learning is relevant and applied to day to day work as part of the programme in real time. 

Participants report that the course has a direct positive impact on team culture, belonging, creativity and problem solving; as well as on their self-confidence and abilities as leaders to motivate, inspire and manage. They describe that the course created a safe learning environment in which they built trusted relationships with other participants. Participants have described  that the learning communities that were an integral part of the course deepened these connections and that they continue to meet to consult with and support each other after completion of the course.


Key Features:

Module 1: Discover the power of awareness and attentional training for enhancing your presence at work and beyond

Module 2: Harness the power of your inner world of thinking and feeling, translating this into compassionate wise action

Module 3: Integrate the latest leadership knowledge from around the world into the art of leadership in your day to day work


Our Approach: 

Our training empowers leaders to embrace a connected leadership style that transcends hierarchy, fosters trust, and improves effectiveness. The course is delivered through a combination of interactive workshops and experiential learning The mode of delivery and time commitment will be tailored to the needs and resources within your organisation. Typically this is approximately weekly half-day training sessions for 12 weeks. 


Who Should Attend: 

This training is ideal for senior and strategic leaders who are committed to developing their leadership style to create lasting impact through intrapersonal and interpersonal integration .


Potential Benefits of Integrative Leadership Training:

  • Enhanced productivity, collaboration and effectiveness at work

  • Improved employee experience, engagement and morale

  • Positive impact on staff sickness and retention

  • Strengthened organisational culture and leadership effectiveness, with a heightened adaptability to change and uncertainty and a greater capacity for innovation / improvement

Greater access to compassion, which fosters trust, boosts morale, encourages empathy, understanding, and support, leading to better team cohesion, improved communication, and increased motivation among team members.


Get in Touch: 

Ready to embark on a journey toward becoming an integrative leader? Reach out to us to learn more about our program schedule, bespoke offerings, and how our training can benefit your organisation/you.

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