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Teacher Supervision & Training

At the New Forest Mindfulness Center, we currently offer apprentice training and/or supervision for those who have completed their foundational training in teaching MBCT and/or MBCP  at a recognised training centre.

If this applies to you, we would be happy discuss you joining us as a co-teacher or participant-observer on our MBCT courses and/or our offering you supervision. As a trainee teacher, you will receive support and guidance from our highly skilled teacher trainers. 

"Thank you for the kindness and compassion and depth of knowledge you have shared with us."
Previous Participant, 2017

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Dr Maret

Dymond Basset


Mindfulness Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Clinical Psychologist

I have a great deal of experience teaching others to teach Mindfulness, including many years working as a teacher-trainer at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (where I remain an associate). 

I very much enjoy supporting trainee teachers through their journey by offering mentoring and training in how to teach MBCT and MBCP.

For more details on my background, skills and qualifications please click here.

More Details 

A participant observer/ co-teacher is someone who has completed foundational training in teaching MBCT at a recognised MBCT training centre and is ready to take their next steps on the teaching journey. 

The role of Participant Observer involves participating in an 8-week MBCT course as a participant as well as participating in debriefing/supervision sessions for each class, where the class is discussed and reflected upon. This debriefing/supervision time allows the you to develop your knowledge of 'real life' teaching in a non-pressured environment, as well as providing an opportunity to deepen your own mindful practice. It is a stepping stone towards becoming a full co-teacher of the MBCT course. 

The role of Co-Teacher builds on your experience as a participant, student and possibly participant observer. Here, you will work under the supervision of, and in conjunction with, one of our experienced teacher trainers to teach an MBCT course. Throughout your time as a trainee, you will receive tailored support and guidance to suit your particular needs, encouraging you to take on the level of leadership and responsibility your are ready for.

Maret and her colleagues have guided numerous students through the process of apprentice teacher training. We are always keen to hear from new or aspiring mindfulness teachers in the New Forest, and to add to our community of Mindfulness Teachers. 

Please Note 

If you have not yet completed foundational training and are looking for initial training, we would recommend you contact one of the UK's recognised providers such as the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor

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