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Mindfulness Courses & Retreats

Mindfulness meditation is a way of training our minds to be in the present moment, through mind body meditation practices, rather than dwelling on the past or being caught up in the future. It becomes a way of life, also teaching us how to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others.

New to Mindfulness or MBCT?

For those wishing to try mindfulness within a compassionate, structured environment, led by highly trained teachers

Mindfulness Taster Session
NFM Taster.jpg

A short introduction to the principles and practice of mindfulness in a welcoming, open and non-judgemental environment

8 Week Beginners MBCT Mindfulness Course
Retreat day.jpg

Held online or locally in the New Forest, this course is intended for anyone looking to improve their mental or physical wellbeing

Ongoing Mindfulness

If you have completed an MBCT course or equivalent and are looking to deepen your practice within a supportive community

Advanced Mindfulness
Furzey Gardens.jpg

An 8-week course to deepen your understanding and practice of mindfulness and cultivate greater self-compassion

Mindful Sitting Group
tibetan bowl.jpeg

Fortnightly online evening practice group. The opportunity to come together and practice exploring a variety of different themes

Retreat Days
NF Retreat Weekend.jpg

A day of nourishing mindfulness practice held a beautiful locations around the New Forest

Retreat Weekends
Retreat Weekends.jpg

A weekend of mindful practice in the New Forest with guest teachers, guided practice and times of silence

Interested in Mindfulness for Parents or Families?

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Interested in Mindfulness for Organisations?

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