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Connected Potential: About Us

Creating Psychologically Human Enhanced Workplaces (©PHEW!)

Working across the NHS and other organisations, we have seen first hand how teams are struggling.

Years of cuts, increased demand, increased costs of living and staff shortages have led to workforces who are stressed, unwell, burnt out and leaving.


This in turn is worsening working life for the remaining workforce and further increasing the financial burden organisations are under.


Workforces are burning out.


Meet The Team

Our Approach

Most people think in pyramids, with leadership at the top directing the workforce below.


We work with Diamonds (see The Diamond Psychological Model of Workforce Change©, Hames, Dymond & Griffin, 2023, below).


As well as working with leaders and groups, we identify individuals within organisations/networks/systems who would benefit from specialist input. Tailoring our interventions to the full spectrum of need creates sustained organisational, systemic and societal change at all levels. 

The Diamond Psychological Model of Workforce Change©
Hames, Dymond & Griffin, 2023©

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