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Psychological Coaching
Evidence-Based Coaching for Professionals & Leaders


Our coaching approach is based upon an underlying ethos of awareness, attention, compassion, authenticity, courage and trust.


Intentionally cultivating these qualities enables us to manage pressured, stressful,  sometimes conflictual, environments and situations with integritywisdom and clarity.

Drawing upon the latest psychological, neuropsychological, leadership & organisational research and practice, we join alongside you as you navigate the realities of your professional life.

We are aware that the reality of being a professional and leader within complex systems often means having to negotiate difficult situations and make complex choices and decisions.

We can enable you to face these with the best skills, emotional regulation and clarity possible, enabling your nervous system to work optimally, even under conditions of threat and challenge.

If needed, we also can help you to:

- draw clearer boundaries  around your work life, and/or

- reconsider your priorities in line with your values, and/or

- to spend your energy wisely, and/or

- navigate situations that cause you / others distress, and/or

- be free from previous workplace stress/distress/trauma that continues to bother you now.


Our specialised psychological coaching is designed to help you to unlock your fullest potential, providing you with opportunities for growth and transformation, and enabling you to embrace life with more balance, purpose, and intention.

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