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About New Forest Mindfulness


New Forest Mindfulness is an embodied awareness, coaching and training centre. We offer professionals and organisations bespoke psychological coaching, professional psychological training and leadership courses.  We are also fortunate to have a warm and welcoming community of mindfulness practitioners who regularly meet to practice and grow together. 


New Forest Mindfulness was founded by Clinical and Coaching Psychologist / Compassion and Mindfulness-Based Teacher-Trainer-Researcher, Dr Maret Dymond-Bassett (PhD, DClinPsych, BA).

Based on a Southernmost point of the UK where the green of the trees and plains of the New Forest, Hampshire meets the turquoise sea and golden pebbles and sands at Highcliffe, Dorset; our vision is to create a a world of work where professionals, leaders, executives, teams and organisations, like the nature around us, can join for the collective good through an environment that enables growth and connection.

Our foundation for the workplace is the concept of Ikigai, originating from Japan, which helps people find a reason for being: a passion that gives them a sense of purpose, value and joy to life. 

Our mission is to work with professionals, leaders, teams & organisations to:

1) Cultivate:

  • professional / organisational intra and inter personal awareness & presence

  • attitudes of compassion, kindness, non-judging and trust in the workplace

  • wellness via the prevention and treatment of workplace trauma and burnout

2) Through providing professionals, leaders, teams and organisations with:

  • the space and conditions they need to continue to grow and flourish

  • the knowledge and skills to create a culture that enables enjoyment & safety

  • communities of like minded people to connect with and learn from

3) Enabling us all to:​

  • do our best work, becoming ever wiser, kinder and more skilful in our actions

  • access ethical & authentic ways of being in the world, aligning with our values

  • tap into our inner wisdom & intuition through the body, emotions & the mind

4) Which in turn can help us to:

  • become a force for good in the world

  • improve quality and safety

  • enhance performance and profitability

We recognise that our vision is bigger than us and so we aim to make whatever contribution we can  towards this by following our values and ethos

and working and joining together with others in collective energy/effort.

Maret and her colleagues, who include medical and psychological consultants, neuropsychologists, clinical, coaching and health psychologists, mindfulness teacher-trainers and educators, have many years of experience and expertise of working organisationally with leaders, systems and teams. 

We provide:

  • coaching psychology

  • mind-body coaching

  • psychological consultation / clinical supervision

  • integrative connection-based leadership courses

  • embodied awareness leadership training

Our work with you will begin with a free of charge 30 minute consultation conversation. If you are interested in taking this further we will then offer a discounted initial taster session so that you can decide if our offerings are for you by experiencing them for yourself.

We also have a mindfulness practice group for those who already have a mindfulness practice and wish to deepen their understanding and practice with others.

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