8 Week Mindfulness Course (MBCT)

The MBCT, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Life, course is intended for anyone wanting to gain a greater joy in and appreciation for life.

Over eight weeks, you will learn skills to help you work with your thoughts and feelings, exploring new ways of being with what goes on in your mind and body.


This course takes place online over eight weekly sessions and one practice day.

"The MBCT course has helped me find new ways to cope with my lifelong anxiety. The group was incredibly supportive and the teachers excellent."

Previous Participant, 2018

Key Facts

Winter 2020

TimeTuesday 10.00am - 12.15pm

Dates:  29th Sep to 24th Nov 2020 (no class on Tue 27th Oct for half term)

All day of practice: TBC

Location: Online

Group Size: 6-15 participants

Teacher: Dr Maret Dymond-Basset

Fees: £250

What's Included?

22 hours contact time with the teachers.

1 full practice day 

Ematerials and printed handouts

Downloadable audio mindfulness meditation practices for practice at home between sessions and after the course

Course Details 

Mindfulness meditation is a way of training our minds to be in the present moment, through mind body meditation practices, rather than dwelling in the past or being caught up in the future. It becomes a way of life, teaching us how to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others.

MBCT has been shown through high-quality research to be helpful for recurrent depression. Other research also suggests that mindfulness can be beneficial for other challenges such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain and chronic fatigue. 

Over the course you will work with your group to explore different ways to connect with the present moment. Your instructors will guide you through a series of meditations, followed by discussion and support. As the weeks progress we gently turn to facing difficulties - learning to better relate to the unpleasant feelings and sensations we all experience in life. 

While our instructors are very experienced, much of the success of MBCT relies on you and your ability to commit the home practice set each week. It is worth taking time to consider if, at this present moment, you are able to set aside 30 to 40 minutes each day to practice mindfulness. It is quite a commitment, yet the more time you invest in the actual practice, the greater the return will be.


Reading about mindfulness can be another useful way to learn about it. Like learning to swim or drive a car, however, the greatest learning will take place through the practice itself. An 8-week course can be a great way to establish/re-establish a mindfulness practice as part of everyday life with the support of the group.

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