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Connected Potential for Professionals, Leaders & Organisations

Connected Potential is an exciting new collaboration between three highly experienced clinical and coaching psychologists, Angela, Anna & Maret, who between them have a combined 60 years plus of experience of leading from within complex systems.


We have learned the value of embodying an attitude of compassion and authenticity, of acting in accordance with our values and responding from a place of wisdom - where the data from both emotion and reason are taken into account.

We work across all levels of the organisation, to enhance organisational culture, maximise skilful leadership, embed psychological safety within teams, and improve the psychological wellness of each individual, enabling workforces to reach their potential together.

Our unique skills as Clinical and Coaching Psychologists ensure that all of our interventions are embedded in robust organisational assessments, psychologically-informed formulations and evidence-based approaches. Everything we do is connected and bespoke for you.

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