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Mindfulness-Based  Childbirth & Parenting

MBCP is an antenatal education programme for all expectant parents, which teaches life skills for managing pain, fear, stress during childbirth and for the transition to parenthood.


We occasionally are able to offer local classes when we have sufficient numbers of participants. We have also teamed up with the Mindful Birthing Centre, founded by Nancy Bardacke who pioneer this course, who offer online MBCP courses, classes and teacher training to which we contribute.


For more details and to book please go to:

“Life begins where fear ends”


Key Facts

Time & Date: We will offer mindfulness-based childbirth & parenting courses locally when we have sufficient interested participants, please contact us via the contact us page to join our list of interested people. 


For more details of online classes and to book please go to: or click the link below.

Location: TBC

Teachers:  Dr Maret Dymond Bassett

Fees: TBC

Participants: Couples and singles

What's Included?

Please see the Mindful Birthing Centre website by clicking the link below for more details and to book. 

Course Details 

Our mindfulness courses for expectant parents are based upon the MBCP programme and take place in partnership with the Mindful Birthing Centre in the USA. 

The exact content varies, however, each session is generally a mix of: mindfulness mediation practice, discussion about this, practical exercises exploring childbirth and parenting and how the practice of mindfulness might support us through this transition.

Throughout the sessions we learn skills including how to:

  • work with pain & fear during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond

  • manage stress and strong emotions during the transition to parenthood and everyday life, including in the workplace

  • be present for our babies and able to respond to their needs, giving us greater confidence in our ability to cope / parent

  • build a community of new parents

  • enhance communication, caring and connectedness with our partners, family and friends

  • become more aware of our own approach to parenting

  • tap into inner reservoirs of patience, calm and joy

  • cultivate the capacity to be fully present with ourselves and our children

Mindfulness is not a quick fix or a magic wand, however, evidence shows benefits for a variety of life challenges including stress, anxiety, low mood / depression, childbirth & parenting.

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