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One to One Therapy

Therapy Assessment

As well as psychological therapy (see below), we are able to offer you a comprehensive 
psychological assessment of your difficulties and your needs.


This kind of assessment usually involves looking at your psychological and medical history, your current difficulties and needs and hopes for the future.


Such an assessment might be carried out in order to understand how and why things are the way they are for you at the moment and to find the most appropriate way forward for you at this time.


Meeting with one of us in this way initially is often helpful for people who are unsure about what they might need and / or those who would like to gain a better understanding of how their past experiences might be contributing to their current difficulties.


This approach can also be helpful for those who have received conflicting advice and / or diagnoses in the past and are feeling confused and / or frustrated, or where there have been disagreements as to the best way forward.

Assessment Fees 

£150 for a one-hour psychological assessment session.

£120 for a comprehensive written report of your psychological assessment 

As a social enterprise we offer discounts on these rates to people with low incomes. Please get in touch if this applies to you.

Therapies We Offer - Explained

​Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

This is a short-term focused therapy, which aims to change the way you feel by  looking at the way you think and behave. Scientific research has shown promising results from CBT for people experiencing a variety of difficulties, including depression, anxiety disorders and psychosis.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

A modified form of CBT which focuses on helping clients learn to manage difficult emotions. DBT uses a combination of change and acceptance techniques helping you to make positive changes in your life, whilst accepting who you are.

Cognative Analytical Therapy (CAT)

This is also a short-term focused therapy. It looks at the patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that we develop in early life that effect our relationships with others. The aim is to identify and understand unhelpful patterns and find alternatives to these.

Dyadic Development Psychotheraphy (DDP)

This is an attachment focused therapy which aims to help children and their carers/parents to form deeper connections. It is designed for children who have experienced trauma or difficulty in their lives and requires children and parents to undergo therapy together.

Mindfulness Based Therapies

Mindfulness is cultivating the ability to be fully aware of the present moment. We can either offer our Mindfulness courses on a one to one basis, or combine mindfulness practice with other therapeutic techniques (e.g.  CBT).

Our Therapists

Dr Maret Dymond Basset

Clinical Psychologist, Mindful Teacher and Trainer

Specialist Areas: Mindfulness, CBT, CAT and DBT therapies, therapies for adults and couples; family, antenatal and parenting therapies. 

I work with mainly with adults and families, and can incorporate aspects of mindfulness into my treatments, depending on clients' needs and wishes. I am fully qualified and experienced in Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT). I am also very happy to offer our MBCT or MBCP courses on a one to one basis. In practise, I often combine elements of several therapies and mindfulness into my session, working with each client on a personalised basis to identify what will best help them. 

I am particularly interested in how we can best support parents in our society, as well as how we can enrich and strengthen our families and relationships from early childhood into old age.

"Maret's expertise, kindness and patience have helped my immeasurably, I would recommend her whole-heartedly."

Dr Nicky Crockett

Clinical Child Psychologist

Specialist Areas: Child and family psychology, adolescent mental health, Paediatric Neuro-rehabilitation, DDP therapies

I am a Clinical Psychologist with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Christ Church and Canterbury and a First Class undergraduate psychology degree (BSc Applied Hons) from Cardiff University. I specialise in working with children, young people and their families, with experience across a range of national health and local authority services (including child and adolescent mental health, looked after and adopted children and child physical health). 


I currently work within a Paediatric Neuro-rehabilitation service at the University Hospital Southampton (NHS).  Within this role I work with children and young people who have acquired brain injuries, and support their families.  I am registered as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).


Fees for Therapy 

£100 per 50 minute session. 

As a social enterprise we offer discounts on these rates to people with low incomes. Please get in touch if this applies to you.

Narrative Family Therapy

This therapeutic technique views  families as separate from their problems. Together with their therapist, a family is encouraged to identify negative stories they have and 're-write' their narrative to be more positive and productive.